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Vision Statement

Offering Smart Alternatives for a Greener Tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Clean air and clean water are fundamental to the lifestyle, health and income for our global citizens. G.R. Enterprises Services embraces tomorrow's environment with integrity while exceeding the expectations of our planet and its habitat. Adaptability, flexibility, innovation, teamwork, safety, and integrity are the qualities G.R. Enterprises Services continually endures for a greener future.

Who We Are

G.R. Enterprises Services is privately owned and operated, a highly skilled, and motivated company dedicated to excellence in every aspect of business. With an unparalleled personal attention to detail, we continuously meet the needs of our clients in the most challenging of global environments focusing on project success.

In the field of civil work and construction, G.R. Enterprises Services is the contractor of choice on complex and challenging projects because of consistent delivery of quality work, on time and within budget. Our team of professionals is experienced in general contracting and offers experience partnering with our clients to provide value to projects of varying scope and complexity. We are successful in both competitive bid and negotiated work. Our commitment to quality, cost control and time management helps our clients achieve their goals.

In the field of electrocoagulation, G.R. Enterprises Services offers improved water quality regardless of the application. From industrial waste water to storm water, G.R. Enterprises Services can successfully remove contaminants from your wash water, storm water or wastewater all while lowering water treatment costs. G.R. Enterprises Services guarantees to bring your contaminated water and more to dischargeable and recyclable levels.

In the field of incineration, G.R. Enterprises Services offers commercial/industrial incinerators in various standard sizes based on waste reduction processing capacity from four (4) tons per day (tpd) to 168 tpd with the engineering capability to specially design units for specific applications such as sewerage sludge, steam and electricity generation.

In conclusion, G.R. Enterprises Services takes pride in being a hands-on contractor and provider. Our personal approach, which ensures our attention to every detail of a project, is supported by a wealth of experience that allows us to deliver quality work and services, on time and within budget. G.R. Enterprises Services' unwavering integrity, earned by honoring our commitments, supports our client's creditability with project owners.

Business Direction

Our business is global in scope. While our emphasis will be toward growth in our traditional markets, we will focus on compatible new markets providing additional opportunities for growth. Our aim is steady superior performance by continuously providing the highest standard of quality in every customer transaction.
Achieving this standard of quality is contingent upon the following:

  • Consistent products and services conforming to stringent specifications;
  • Qualified personnel to address current and future business needs;
  • Open, honest communication;
  • Safe working environment;
  • Responsible protection of our environment;
  • Responsibility for integrity toward ethical, legal, safety and health issues; and
  • Constancy of purpose in our strategic direction.

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