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Water Treatment

G.R. Enterprises Services, markets systems that utilize the electrocoagulation technology to treat wastewaters from a wide range of industrial and municipal applications. These technologies can be combined with other types of treatment technologies such as reverse osmosis, improving the performance of the latter.



G.R. Enterprises Services' incinerators offer simplicity, lower costs, reliability, and proved technology. The range of products is adapted to most types of wastes. There is not a better system available in the industrial world and for small to medium sized cities. Available with or without energy recovery units.

Civil Construction

At G.R. Enterprises Services, we thrive on accomplishing technical and difficult projects in challenging locations. We use our experience and skills to develop innovative engineering solutions. Carefully managing every aspect of every project, collaborating to provide innovative solutions, and doing it all on time and on budget. Our experts in civil construction will work with you to ensure the success of your project.

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